Positive Thoughts From Around the Universe

The blog segment that dares to feature expressions of faith, hope and charity from across the entire cosmic bandwidth in the sector of the physical universe perceptible to sentient terrestrial entities within the Greater Time-Space Continuum up to, and including, infinity & just a wee bit beyond.

“We revere the concept of chocolate-covered ants, but reserve the moral right to respectfully abstain.”

  • Tigs Willingo, Auriga-Australis III

“When presidents go rogue, we eat them. They can be somewhat sour, but with just the right blend of seasoning they really are delicious and surprisingly succulent.”

  • Rark Rokanzerdron, Seti-Andromeda 4.0

“We don’t care what you say. God is good . . . with or without the extra o. That’s why we are very fond of the saying: Good God!”

  • Loggie Gee Stockbargon, The Aldebaran Gas Cloud Literary Community (AGCLC)

“Planet Earth looks like it could be a whole heck of a lot of fun to visit! Too bad about all that killing, mayhem, disease, destruction and turmoil as portrayed on social media.”

  • Har Har Maguriwuligan, Orion 447-a

A big thank you to Tigs, Rark, Loggie and Har Har! They will be back soon with more uplifting sentiments from their various corners of the Cosmos.

Until then, there will be a short musical intermission where you hum that stupid tune that’s been haunting you from that stupid commercial for those stupid caffeine-laced power drinks that made you feel stupid about seven and a half minutes after you stupidly drank one for all the wrong, stupid reasons . . . . 🙂