Right back to the money

One would have thought that the American founding fathers, or if you like, the colonial, immigrant, God-fearing, law-abiding, slave-masters (CIGFLASMs) would have anticipated that a senate controlled by the same party as the President would probably not vote to remove the President from office after the President had been impeached by the House of Representatives. Now, I’m going out on a limb here, but I respectfully suggest that if there had been any American founding mothers, they would most certainly have thought of that pesky little point and had a much shorter acronym to boot.

Benjamin Franklin said that a president should welcome impeachment as opposed to the other alternatives available for his or her removal.

Two such alternatives are:

The John Wilkes Booth Impeachment Method (JWBIM)


The Lee Harvey Oswald Impeachment Method (LHOIM)

Advantages of the Benjamin Franklin Alternatives to Impeachment (BFATI):

—no boring debates

—no dubious witnesses

—no drawn-out trials

—relatively cheap & quick

Snags with the BFATI

—Not quite as easy as it was in the eighteen-sixties when presidents attended theatres without bodyguards or in the nineteen-sixties when presidents rolled around in convertible limos, as though they had divine protection such as that afforded to the Pope or L. Ron Hubbard.

Now while I do not condone, propose nor incite violence upon anybody — except as a means of self-defence and in the killing of mosquitos — the JWBIM and LHOIM are theoretically still quite doable in the 21st Century. Which brings me to my next point: where have all the great American nut-jobs gone when you really need them? I know what you’re thinking, dear blog reader: the nut-jobs only take out the good guys like John Lennon, MLK and JFK etc. Well, maybe ‘good’ might be pushing things with JFK. Or RFK, for that matter. But at least JFK was a war veteran . . . and some even say he was a war hero. Totally unlike the present White House incumbent, who managed to avoid being drafted to Vietnam five times, citing college commitments and bad feet, in spite of the fact that he was reputed to be something of an athlete and rumoured to have paid somebody to take his exams for him. Is it really so bad that JFK was a registered womanizer and is rumoured to have had a hand in Norma Jeane Mortensen’s untimely demise? {And by the way, is there such a thing as a manizer? If there isn’t, there darned well should be. And if I was a woman, I like to think that I’d empathize with and support any woman who chose to be a manizer, without, of course, becoming one myself.} Anyway, back to the JWBIM and the LHOIM. Whoever the perpetrator of the JWBIM or the LHOIM happened to be, that person could be quickly silenced by taking them down in front of a bunch of reporters and law-enforcement officers so that a huge and massively profitable conspiracy theory could be brought into being. Why does it always come right back to the money?