The Secret Sign of the Lizard People - Afterword

unedited version)

I am not Scottish, and although people have often accused me of it, neither do I speak with a Scottish accent. But for some unknown reason, it occurred to me that these final few words might be taken more seriously and perhaps even better enjoyed if a person were to indulge in a wee dram of their favourite tipple and imagine the following passage being recited by a deep-voiced, ginger-bearded man (or woman) in a red and green kilt.

Or not. Your choice.

There are many reasons for taking on the responsibility of writing a book.

For me, three simultaneous - yet seemingly unrelated - occurrences converged to inspire me to create The Secret Sign of the Lizard People.

Firstly, the global resurgence of right-wing populism to a level not seen since before the Second World War. (There is a conspiracy here, folks, but it's definitely not a theory.)

Secondly, the immense power and wealth wielded by the giant corporations and their cynical denial of the on-going industrial-scale destruction of our planet's flora and fauna despite an overabundance of scientific evidence to the contrary.

And lastly, but by no means leastly, the huge popularity of the UFO counter-culture and the resultant conspiracy theories that now resonate throughout our literature and social media.

The absolute evil of the first two and the arguably harmless absurdity of the last proved such an irresistibly interesting combination, that I had no choice but to tie these themes together and The Secret Sign of the Lizard People came into being.

Dark political metaphor or raucous irreverent spoof . . . or some strange, mixed-up, messed-up creature in between? Due to subject proximity, I personally cannot say. So I'll leave you, the perceptive reader, to make that determination through your eyes as the beholder.

There is also a fourth inspirational occurrence, and perhaps my main motivation, for the writing of this book: and that is the absolute horror and utter astonishment that I share with a goodly percentage of the world's population that the American electorate would be foolhardy enough to place their collective trust; their national destiny; and the fate of the 'free world' into the unstable hands of a spoilt, vindictive and despicable liar of a man-child, the very fact of whose presidency is a damning indictment of the much-touted American system of 'democracy'. As Barack Obama's second term of office sadly came to a close, I accurately predicted that a large proportion of the American public and most of the rest of the world would sorely miss one of the greatest American presidents of all time. Trump is to Obama as chalk is to cheese. And I mean no insult to chalk. It's very fine and useful stuff.