What gives me the right to comment upon the American president and the American political system?

It's really quite simple:

  1. America never stops telling everybody that they are the most powerful & influential nation on the planet. I absolutely agree with them.
  2. America never stops telling everybody that POTUS is the leader of the 'free world'. If this is true then POTUS is really everybody's president, except of course, those unfortunate enough to reside in the 'unfree world', wherever that happens to be.
  3. One would think that the nations that constitute the free world (the so-called democracies, I presume?) would cherish anything that upholds the concept of freedom. Free speech is a basic part of what we generally regard as freedom.
  4. Therefore, as a citizen of two free world democratic nations, I claim my right to exercise the powers of free speech and to comment upon the actions of the leader of the free world and the American political system which supports the leader of the free world, both of which have enormous influence upon everybody in this world, whether they happen to reside in a democratic nation or not.

Q & A

Q: Couldn't the United States simply put all of their soon-to-be-unemployed 'rogue', racist, violent cops to good use and line them up along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts at six foot intervals so they can fire their tear gas, Tasers and rubber bullets in unison at the latest tropical storm or hurricane? It might help. You never know.

A: Absolutely. I don't see a problem with that.

Q: But has this idea ever been tried before?

A: Yes. Well, sort of . . . the unhinged Roman emperor Caligula had his legions fire their artillery into the sea instead of invading the shores of Britannia. He also had them collect sea shells on the same expedition.

Q: Do you think the current unhinged American emperor likes sea shells?

A: I don't see why he wouldn't. They're a lot of fun to collect and some of them have pearls in them.