Who is to blame for the human population explosion? A. Heterosexuals, of course.

(If this sub-title is deemed to be a 'gratuitous heterosexual slur' then I apologize in advance to the Literary Police, the Word Gestapo, book-reviewers, the tax-man, politicians of all stripes and persuasions and heterosexuals everywhere. And, just to be on the safe side, I apologize in advance to the LGBTQ+ community as well, although I'm not quite sure why, except to be on the safe side. Plus, they might - quite understandably - get peeved if they were left out of the apology. FYI: this sub-title has nothing to do with the following accompanying passage, but, for whatever reason, I thought it was somehow applicable.)

Basic physics tells us that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

Have you ever wondered where the constituent elements and molecules of matter that make up your body will eventually end up a billion or so years in the future?

Will they be frozen on a hurtling asteroid within the dark depths of space? Or roasted beyond comprehension inside the dazzling core of a giant star? Or sucked past the event horizon into the unimaginable interior of a voracious black hole?

Will those particles of inanimate matter achieve any measure of contentment in such extreme cosmic environments besides a state of mere existential equilibrium? I would like to think that they feel no pain. But who can really say? In case you hadn't noticed, it is a strange, strange universe that we inhabit.