With a lifetime of experience observing humankind, author Kevin E. Buckley creates uniquely humorous science fiction worlds just waiting to be explored.

With the publication of his first book, Kevin has captivated his audience and typically appeals to a younger, left-wing generation of readers. With wit and passion, he explores real-world situations through a lens of fantasy, mystery, and the supernatural.

You need only to pick up a book authored by this writer to get a grasp on the unique humor and grip of his imagination, but until then, here is some quick information about background, genre, and the benefits of engaging with his craft.

From Sci-Fi Passion to Business Ventures

In recent years, Kevin E. Buckley has turned his passion for writing humorous science fiction mystery books into a full-fledged business venture and full-time occupation.

He works to create a form of escapist entertainment, suited for readers who enjoy having a good laugh while observing the dark undertones of an elaborate plot.

Kevin targets young, often male readers who are left-leaning politically and have an interest in protecting the environment. His interest in extraterrestrial life often attracts UFO enthusiasts and alien believers alike.

Kevin is excited to continue to write and create stories and new worlds for his passionate readers and see where this business can take him.

Exploring Genre: From Lizard Novels to Murder Mysteries

When it comes to the witty and entertaining work of Kevin E. Buckley, focusing on one specific genre would do this craft a disservice. He explores a variety of riveting and humorous styles, and topics more broadly, including but not limited to:

  • Science fiction
  • Humor
  • American humor
  • Detective novels
  • Murder mystery
  • Alien
  • And lizard people

Why Read the Work of Kevin E. Buckley?

If you are looking to escape from the madness of the world today, into a land not your own, but which is still somewhat relatable, you will likely enjoy the work of Kevin E. Buckley.

This Ontario-based author plays with words like others play with video games and uses passion and boundless creativity to capture the hearts and imaginations of his readers.

Besides the joy of reading, the material has some other benefits that set them apart:

  • The book is of somewhat nutritional value - particularly when it comes to brain food
  • And it can be used, in part, as a floatation device in dire and trying times

Discover Books by Kevin E. Buckley

Originally from the United Kingdom, Kevin E. Buckley is happily settled in Canada, where his imagination is free to roam in the northern wilderness.

His books are expertly crafted, and use fine-tuned language, quick-wit, and an enchanting cast of characters to explore the challenges and complexities of human life abstractly.

Whether you are looking for something to make you laugh, a story to connect with, or a world far from your own, you can find it all, right here, on these pages.

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